Grow your data business.

Sync to the most popular data marketplaces and sales channels, easily.

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Tell us about your data business. We'll be in touch to help you scale it with Data Commerce Cloud™.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Commerce Cloud?


Data Commerce Cloud (DCC) is an easy-to-use data commerce platform designed to help data suppliers build their omni-channel data business. Think Shopify, but for data commerce, not e-commerce. With one DCC account, data providers can sync products and samples to multiple data sales channels including Datarade Marketplace, SAP Datasphere, Alation Marketplaces, and Google Dataset Search (with more channels to come).

How does Data Commerce Cloud benefit data suppliers?


1. Reach in-market data buyers across the most popular data marketplaces

With one DCC account, you can list data products across multiple sales channels including Datarade Marketplace, SAP Datasphere, Alation Marketplaces, and Google Dataset Search. Select the channels you want to be present in and we'll sync your products to them automatically. More data buyers see your data products, more demand is created for your offering, and you can manage all incoming requests across channels centrally within DCC.

2. Easy set-up, no data integration

We've designed DCC to remove to hassle that comes with traditional data exchange platforms. There's no painful data integration required for you to list products on DCC. Create listings within 15 minutes, upload samples, and publish to your storefront.

3. Find the plan that's right for your DaaS business, from freemium to premium

Whatever your data sales ambitions, DCC has a plan for you. Start generating more leads with our commission-based Community plan. If you're an established DaaS player, join a Premium plan to enjoy reduced commission fees, a dedicated success manager, access to $100k+ leads, and active promotion for your data products.

How do I get started with Data Commerce Cloud?


If you sell data, book a meeting with our partnerships team to learn more about how we can help you grow your data business. We'll talk you through the different subscription plans, demonstrate how the platform works, and give you all the material you need for a smooth onboarding.

Is my data secure with Data Commerce Cloud?


Yes - we don't store any of your data on our platform. DCC simply connects you with leads. All leads processed through DCC undergo strict KYC to ensure you're put in touch with trustworthy prospects. You're then free to share data samples as per your company policies.

How do I list my products and samples on Data Commerce Cloud?


Listing a product on Data Commerce Cloud is easy and takes around 15 minutes. There's no data integration needed, just a sample file attached. Once you've set up your storefront, you can then publish products to multiple channels and start selling within clicks.

What type of data providers are eligible for Data Commerce Cloud?


Data Commerce Cloud welcomes a wide variety of data providers, from data-as-a-service startups to established enterprises. We're data category agnostic and the DCC platform is suitable for providers operating in diverse industries from AI to FinTech. As long as the data you sell is privacy-compliant, accurate and responsibly sourced, you can use DCC.

From which industries do you currently have suppliers on Data Commerce Cloud?


Data Commerce Cloud hosts data suppliers from multiple industries, such as finance, retail, marketing, healthcare, transportation, and telecommunications. DCC is a sales solution suitable for selling any category of data. It's helping DaaS companies of all industries reach buyers and expand their market reach.