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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Commerce Cloud?


Data Commerce Cloud (DCC) is an easy-to-use data monetization platform designed to help data suppliers build a multi-channel data business. Think Shopify, but for data commerce, not e-commerce. With one DCC account, data providers can publish data products with a click on sales channels including Datarade Marketplace, Databricks Marketplace, Google Cloud Analytics Hub, SAP Datasphere, and Google Dataset Search (with more channel integrations to come).

How does Data Commerce Cloud benefit data suppliers?


1. Build omni-channel visibility for your brand

With one DCC account, list data products across the most used data marketplaces and exchanges. Select the channels you want to be present in and we'll sync your products to them instantly. More data buyers see your data products, there's more demand for your offering, and you can manage all incoming leads centrally within DCC.

2. Save thousands of $ and months of time publishing on data marketplaces

Publishing on data marketplaces can be time- and engineering-intensive. DCC cuts the time to publish on data marketplaces like Datarade Marketplace, Databricks Marketplace, Google Cloud Analytic Hub, SAP Datasphere, and Google Dataset Search down to 1 day with its no-code channel integrations.

3. Generate revenue by monetizing data, your way
DCC is the data monetization platform that's trusted by 100s of data providers globally to generate more revenue. We bring you inbound demand but don't interfere with your sales processes, so you can sell data how it suits your business.

How do I get started with Data Commerce Cloud?


If you sell data, book a meeting with our partnerships team to learn more about how we can help you grow your data business. We'll talk you through the different subscription plans, demonstrate how the platform works, and give you all the material you need for a smooth onboarding.

Is my data secure with Data Commerce Cloud?


Yes - we don't store any of your data on our platform. You simply create data product listings with a sample file attached. Once you start receiving inbound leads, you're free to share additional data samples. All leads processed through DCC come with qualification information so you can decide whether or not to continue the conversation.

How do I list my products and samples on Data Commerce Cloud?


Listing a product on Data Commerce Cloud is easy and takes around 15 minutes. There's no data integration needed, just a sample file attached. Once you've set up your storefront, you can then publish products to multiple channels and start selling within clicks.

What type of data providers are eligible for Data Commerce Cloud?


DCC welcomes a wide variety of data providers, from data-as-a-service startups to established enterprises. We're data category agnostic and our data monetization platform is suitable for providers operating in diverse industries from AI to FinTech. As long as the data you sell is privacy-compliant, accurate and responsibly sourced, you can use DCC.

From which industries do you currently have suppliers on Data Commerce Cloud?


Data suppliers from multiple industries, such as finance, retail, marketing, healthcare, transportation, and telecommunications are using DCC to monetize data. We're proud to work with DaaS companies across industries to help them reach more buyers and expand their market reach.