Databricks Marketplace

Databricks Marketplace aims to help data providers monetize data assets to a large, open ecosystem of data consumers all from a single platform.

Channel Overview

Databricks enables its provider partners reach more customers, reduce cost and provide a best-in-class experience for all their data sharing needs. Databricks Marketplace launched in June 2022. It is an open marketplace for data as well as AI and analytics assets such as ML models, notebooks, applications. There, data consumers can discover, evaluate, and access data products from third-party vendors without having to be on the Databricks platform, thanks to open Delta Sharing.

Delta Sharing was developed by Databricks in collaboration with the Linux Foundation to provide the first open source approach to sharing data, analytics and AI. It enables customers to share live data across platforms, clouds and regions with strong security and governance.‍

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D‍atabricks offers data-driven solutions for almost every industry, including healthcare, entertainment, retail, financial services, communications, and technology & software. As such, its customer base is global and includes brands such as Comcast, StrongArm, Rolls Royce, and Walgreens.

T‍he total addressable market of potential data buyers is wider than the users on the Databricks platform, as companies can access data products from this open marketplace without being a Databricks customer.

Databricks Marketplace enables data users to compare and filter by providers and categories

Key Features

Data providers can add rich context to their products

To create conversion-optimized data products, data providers can add visualizations, dashboards and notebooks to their listings on Databricks. For example, an ESG data provider could create a notebook showing how the data could be utilized for NLP analysis, a dashboard that provides a visualization of the worst polluting companies, and a model showing how the data provides recommendations on when a company's ESG ranking will change (example taken from Databricks blog).

This feature differentiates Databricks Marketplace from many other marketplaces, on which providers are restricted to packaging and distributing datasets with only a brief write-up or out-of-context query examples to explaining their dataset listing.

Not restricted by data format

Databricks and Delta Sharing facilitates data in any format. This means providers can list datasets on the Marketplace whether they’re selling image, text, tabular, unstructured, structured, or any other kind of data.

Data sharing is easily scalable and commercially viable

Sharing data across clouds, platforms and geographical regions is seamless via Databricks. Data providers can share their data products without having to move or replicate the products from their cloud storage. Providers can replicate data products as desired, but this is optional, unlike many data sharing platforms which force providers to replicate listings and incur additional costs.

Privacy-safe data clean rooms

Collaborate with customers and partners on any cloud in a privacy-safe environment with Databricks Clean Rooms. Securely share data from data lakes without data replication or security risks.

Integration Details

If you're registered as a data provider on Data Commerce Cloud™, you can sync your entire data product catalog to Databricks Marketplace with a click. It'll then be published on Databricks within minutes. Your products are then discoverable to data buyers worldwide.

Market Inside Data's products listed on Databricks Marketplace minutes after they activated within DCC

What data is synced?

When you publish your storefront to Databricks using your DCC account, the following is synced:

How a data product from PredictHQ looks after syncing it to Databricks using DCC

DCC access

Supported Data Categories and Providers

Databricks Marketplace accepts data of all categories to meet the needs of its data consumers across industries and use cases. All data providers which collect and sell data in a privacy-compliant manner and which obtain valid data selling licenses are eligible for listing on the platform.

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