Datarade Marketplace

Datarade Marketplace is the world's largest external data marketplace, with 100k+ monthly users and 600+ data categories.

Channel Overview

Trusted by buyers from companies including Deloitte, Amazon and generative AI startups, Datarade Marketplace is the easiest way to find the right data.

There are over 2,500 data products and samples listed on the marketplace, provided by a network of 500+ data-as-a-service companies. Buyers can search according to their use case, desired data categories, data attributes, budget. They can compare samples directly on the platform. To speed up the data sourcing process, buyers can also Post a Data Request on Datarade Marketplace and receive offers from providers matching their need.

Datarade Marketplace enables DaaS companies to list data products and samples with no painful upload or integration. As a sales channel, they do not host providers’ data, meaning delivery and fulfilment stays securely in the hands of the supplier.

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Datarade Marketplace is one of the most visited data exchange platforms in the world, with 40k organic monthly visitors. Datarade Marketplace’s buyer network covers industries from cybersecurity to consultancy groups. Buyers using Datarade Marketplace are looking for data for a range of projects, including AI training, location-based advertising, B2B lead generation, supply chain management, urban planning, mobility trend analytics, climate analytics, due diligence, investing, and risk modeling.

Key Features

Pool of in-market data buyers, ready for outbound prospecting

Data providers using Datarade Marketplace enjoy a pool of Requests for Data posted by in-market buyers. There’s always over $1M USD in qualified data budgets in the Postings Pool, ready for outbound prospecting. If they have data matching the buyer’s use case, providers can submit proposals and connect with leads.

Build a data shop to receive orders instantly

Aside from the standard provider storefront, Datarade Marketplace also enables DaaS companies to set up their Data Shop stocked with instantly purchasable datasets. Payments via the Marketplace are processed by Stripe. Providers are able to price products as they like and receive payments without delay when buyers purchase using a credit card.

Integration Details

What data is synced?

Datarade Marketplace does not host providers’ data and does not require any integration or sync with providers’ data warehouse. Data providers retain full control over their data assets. Data providers only have to submit information about their company and data offering to set up a storefront stocked with products.

Requirements to be listed

For the best marketing and sales performance using this channel, Datarade Marketplace requires providers to:

  • Submit provider name
  • Submit provider logo
  • Fill out profile basics (company bio, geographic coverage, categories offered, use cases supported)
  • Indicate pricing and delivery options
  • List min. 3 data products
  • Upload data samples
  • Collect reviews

Data Categories and Providers

Datarade Marketplace welcomes providers offering any kind of external data as long as the publisher maintains data privacy and security. Data categories in particularly high-demand on the platform include B2B Data, Location Data, AI & ML Training Data, Weather Data, Real Estate Data and Credit Card Transaction Data.

Providers actively using Datarade Marketplace include the publicly-listed Envestnet | Yodlee and consumer audience data leaders Alesco Data and Redmob. Other young companies have grown their data business thanks to Datarade Marketplace’s global demand generation capabilities. These include ecommerce data provider SellerDirectories and news data startup, Opoint.

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