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Google Cloud Analytics Hub is a data exchange platform that allows users to efficiently and securely share data assets across organizations.

Channel Overview

Google Cloud Analytics Hub | BigQuery data exchange is a cloud data warehouse and data exchange platform. It allows users to efficiently and securely exchange data assets across organizations thanks to a robust security and privacy framework, built on a decade of data sharing in BigQuery. BigQuery has supported data sharing within an organization's security perimeter since 2010, as well as data sharing across boundaries to external organizations such as vendor or partner ecosystems. In September 2022, over 6,000 organizations shared more than 275 petabytes of data in BigQuery, excluding intra-organizational sharing. Analytics Hub simplifies the administration of sharing assets across any boundary, while still providing access to BigQuery's key capabilities, such as its built-in ML, real-time, and geospatial analytics.


Google Cloud’s audience is made up of customers from retail, financial services, media and entertainment, healthcare and life services, and government organizations. In total, over 1,700 companies including Target, Goldman Sachs, and Major League Baseball trust Google Cloud’s industry-first solutions and expertise.

Listing Datasets on Google Cloud BigQuery

As a data provider, you can create a listing on BigQuery data exchange and specify the dataset description, sample queries to run on the dataset, links to any relevant documentation, and any additional information that can help subscribers to use your dataset. The fastest way to add datasets to Analytics Hub and sell via BigQuery data exchange is with Data Commerce Cloud (DCC). Reduce your time to publish on Analytics Hub | BigQuery data exchange to one day thanks to DCC's no-code integration with Google Cloud Platform.

Venn diagram showing the benefits of DCC's integration with Google Cloud

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Webinar: How to Monetize Data on Google Cloud Analytics Hub

Watch Nikhil Gaekwad, product lead at Google Cloud Analytics Hub, explain how the platform works, how to optimize your data products, and how to sell data successfully to Google Cloud subscribers.

Key Features

Scalable and flexible

Subscribers using Google Cloud Analytics Hub enjoy the full suite of Google Cloud tools. They’re able to curate a library of internal and external assets, including unique datasets like Google Trends, backed by the power of BigQuery. BigQuery streamlines publishing, discovering, and subscribing to data exchanges without the need to move data.

Privacy-safe, secure data sharing with governance

Data shared within Analytics Hub automatically includes in-depth governance, encryption, and security from BigQuery, Cloud KMS, Cloud IAM, VPC Security Controls, and more.

Integration Details

What data is synced?

When you publish your storefront to Google Cloud Analytics Hub using your DCC account, the following is synced:

  • All activated product listings
  • Data samples (shared with the buyer if they complete the contact form)
  • Listing title
  • Listing description (long)
  • Provider name
  • Provider logo
  • Link to provider storefront on Datarade Marketplace

DCC access

  • Google Cloud Analytics Hub was added as a DCC channel in June 2023.
  • You must be on a DCC Premium plan to sync to Google Cloud Analytics Hub. Compare plans →

Supported Data Categories and Providers

Analytics Hub welcomes providers offering any kind of external data as long as the publisher maintains data privacy and security. As an Analytics Hub publisher, you can monetize data by sharing it with external users or within your own organization in real-time. You can build a catalog of analytics-ready data products with granular permissions that let you deliver data to the right audiences. You can also manage subscriptions to your product listings, and share data as listings without replicating it.

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