SAP Datasphere Marketplace

SAP Datasphere Marketplace is a cloud data warehouse supporting public, private and internal data sharing.

Channel Overview

SAP is the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software. The company aims to bring together the solutions, technology and best practices needed to run integrated, end-to-end business processes in the cloud. SAP Datasphere is one of the company’s cloud-based solutions. Its Data Marketplace is hosted in the Datasphere and is a driving force for data democratization, facilitating self-service data exchange within and between enterprises.


Integrating with SAP Datasphere Marketplace offers data providers 440,000 addressable SAP customers. Approximately 80% of SAP’s customers are SMEs. SAP Datasphere Marketplace’s users are diverse, hailing from 26 different industries. Its audience primarily needs external data to plan and predict business outcomes without solely relying on internal data. Popular data requested on SAP Datasphere Marketplace include macroeconomic and microeconomic data, as well as environmental and geospatial data.

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Key Features

Flexible API capabilities

The API capabilities of the SAP Datasphere Data Marketplace are important when establishing public and private data exchanges with your ecosystem that can run on SAP Datasphere, or where certain members run on a different stack. The API gives you flexibility to collaborate and exchange data across different stacks.

Adoption insurance

With SAP Datasphere Marketplace, buyers get access to the required data in a few clicks with the right semantics in place. This ensures a great first experience, as well as a seamless ongoing data consumption process (without an IT project required).

Maintaining data governance and visibility

SAP Datasphere’s Context Management allows data product owners to define the visibility of a data product through the assignment of one or several contexts. The context can be the public context owned by SAP. Or it can be created by the data product owner to invite selected viewers via a license key.

Integrations Details

What data is synced?

When you publish your storefront to SAP Datasphere Marketplace using your DCC account, the following is synced:

• All activated product listings

• Data samples

• Listing title

• Listing description (long)

• Provider name

• Provider logo

• Link to provider storefront on Datarade Marketplace

DCC access

  • You must be on a DCC paid plan to sync to SAP Datasphere Marketplace.

Supported Data Categories and Providers

SAP Datasphere Marketplace welcomes providers offering any kind of external data as long as the publisher maintains data privacy and security.

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