How Intuizi cracked new markets and is generating high-value leads

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“The team is extremely pleased with the DCC. Super responsive and provides a steady stream of high value leads into our pipelines. 10/10!”
Ron Donaire, CEO, Intuizi

Background 📍

Who is Intuizi?

Intuizi is a data processing and analytics business - we have some customers on whose behalf we process and analyze data; and other customers who use Intuizi-supplied datasets to add value to their business.

What’s the origin story of your company?

Founded in 2019 by an international team of experienced data science/AdTech pioneers, we set out to build a hardware/software infrastructure that could provide multiple utility layers for different key stakeholders.

Fun fact: The founders of Intuizi have never been in the same room together. As far as we know, we’ve never been on the same continent simultaneously, either.

Whose problems does Intuizi solve? What are these problems?

We work with three types of businesses:

  1. Businesses that build their products based in whole or in part on datasets that they have and/or acquire from third parties - for whom we can supply either incremental datasets, datasets with incremental granularity, or datasets in market(s) that they have not yet penetrated
  2. Businesses that run digital advertising - and can benefit from (non-cookie) datasets, enabling them to target specific types of consumers based on various classifications that you or we can define from the data we see/share with you - which can then be activated either by us, or by you in your existing platforms
  3. AdTech/MarTech platforms that either can offer datasets that we provide them with to increase value to their partners or that have data that we can process for them at a lower cost or increased granularity versus what they are already doing.

We are available in all markets at granular cadences and specificity.

Intuizi's mobile location data spans global territories

The Challenge 🤔

What was preventing you from growing your data business?

We are a small team covering the entire planet, selling extremely valuable products to a relatively small number of people who understand what we do and why/how it can benefit. With a brand name that nobody had heard of and limited contact with ‘the market’, we needed ways to understand how to package what we had in a way that would resonate with buyers and where to find those people. And then we met Datarade's Data Commerce Cloud...

The Solution 🪄

How did Data Commerce Cloud solve the above challenges for Intuizi?

For Intuizi, DCC really helped us to solve a combination of challenges, over time.

We gained reach into new buyers, whether in the territories where we were already operating, or new ones.  We massively increased our understanding of what the market was looking for and how we could better articulate our value proposition based on market requirements, rather than what we felt was different, unique and valuable about our capabilities.

Listing our company, products, and services was a great starting point. Getting further to grips with how to increase interest and traction through the sales process and sales funnel gave us even more insight—not only into how we could successfully sell on the DCC platform itself but also into how to best articulate our value proposition to the market even outside of DCC.

What’s your favorite DCC feature?

Our favorite part of working with Datarade and DCC is Tasmin's Account Management and the concierge leads she provides us. She facilitates bespoke interaction with data buyers and connects them with the relevant vendors directly.

The Outcomes 💸

We have increased our understanding of how people buy our product, increased our pipeline, and won new business from the DCC.

A Word from Data Commerce Cloud 💬

We believe that data as valuable as Intuizi's should be shared so it can be put to innovative business use. So we're delighted that our data monetization software - and human touch from Tasnim's account management - are enabling Intuizi to reach new demand across markets. It's amazing to see the growth they've achieved using DCC. Their team is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to more success together in future.