How Redmob built a 7-figure data business in less than 1 year

Gabrielė Vileikytė
Product & Commercial Lead, Redmob




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2x revenue growth
Throughout a few months using Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud™, we have received tangible outcomes - high quality leads at scale, first deal closed. This wouldn't be possible to achieve without the amazing DCC team. They helped us from when we received the lead, up until closing. No wonder that we moved from a standard to Accelerate plan after using the platform for only a few months.
Gabrielė Vileikytė, Product & Commercial Lead, Redmob

The Background 📍

Introducing Redmob

Redmob is a data provider focusing on data gathered from smartphones and non-smartphone devices. We unify multiple data sources into a unified data taxonomy that includes insights about the device, carrier, audience behavior, and others. We are dedicated to empowering our customers with the freshest, most accurate, low-latency data for confident decision-making.

Data attributes Redmob provides
Data attributes Redmob provides

Redmob's origin story

Redmob is a sister company of our primary business, an advertising platform. It emerged in response to client inquiries about specific data necessary for developing their own products. Recognizing a market gap characterized by a shortage of stable identifiers and low-latency data, we made the strategic decision to fill this void and shift our focus towards leveraging data to enhance our services. And so Redmob was founded! Redmob has involved assembling dedicated teams across sales, marketing, product management, and data science to refine our product offering. Since the start, the Redmob team has consistently improved the data solutions we offer. We're striving to enhance utility of our solutions for our growing client base.

What and whose problems does Redmob solve?

The use cases for our data vary from identity graph construction to retail planning, and from audience building for digital marketing campaigns to data enrichment, among others. Our solutions offer valuable insights into user behaviors, location, carrier and mobility patterns, enabling businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their target areas and demographics.

Data sample from Redmob
Data sample from Redmob

The Challenge 🤔

What was preventing Redmob from growing its data business?

We lacked knowledge of the overall data business landscape, from competitors to pricing. As a small company, we needed to quickly learn about the clients as well as the market. The Datarade team and Data Commerce Cloud platform enabled us to gain this knowledge rapidly without requiring additional resources.

What difficulties were you encountering when it came to monetizing data?

Our greatest challenge was establishing exposure and generating leads whose project requirements aligned with our product offering and pricing. We found it difficult to reach companies seeking the specific data we offer within the regions we cover.

The Solution 🪄

How did Data Commerce Cloud solve the above challenges for Redmob?

First and foremost, it enables us to engage with qualified data buyers through various ways. Companies often reach out to us directly after filtering and reviewing our product listings. Additionally, we receive notifications when a data posting aligns with one of our listings, prompting proactive outreach on our part. Leads are also generated through recommendations from our exceptional data sourcing specialist, Tasnim. All of these methods allow us to connect with the most promising buyers.

We are also gaining valuable knowledge and insight into buyers' needs both through data postings and direct communication with them, enabling us to further refine our product. Due to the transparency on DCC, we can also learn more about our competitors, their product offerings, pricing, and the market in general, which are crucial to a small team like ours.

What’s your favorite DCC feature?

We use numerous features, all of which are very valuable. However, I'd like to spotlight the overall lead management process, which is very clear and efficient. It enables us to save a considerable amount of time when initiating contact with a client, tracking their progress, or simply learning more about them.

Another feature I’d like to highlight is the product analytics dashboard. This tool provides us with valuable insights into which products drive the highest demand. It empowers us to better understand our data buyers and consistently enhance our product offerings.

The Outcomes 💸

We would not have achieved 2X revenue growth and built a 7-figure data business within one year without DCC. The platform, along with the entire team supporting us, empowered us to identify the most qualified buyers and expedite the sales cycle significantly. Moreover, DCC has significantly increased our brand visibility and remains the primary channel for creating brand awareness.

A Word from Data Commerce Cloud 💬

It's a pleasure working with Redmob and we're delighted that they've managed to double their revenue using our data monetization platform. They're an exemplary data provider fuelling a global need for audience data. Discover more in Gabrielė's Data Provider Excellence Video:

To find out how you can build a data business as successfully as Redmob, talk to our data provider partnership team.