How Solution Publishing generated a predictable and diverse data lead flow

Byron Crowell
Principal & Founder




B2B Data


Customer success team


$100K+ active pipeline
Simone and crew have the most excellent combination of competence and energy. Tasmin is a joy to work with and gives us consistent, actionable referrals we are able to turn into real opportunities.
Byron Crowell, Principal & Founder, Solution Publishing

Background 📍

Introducing Solution Publishing

Based in Tampa, Florida, Solution Publishing is a B2B email newsletter publisher whose media outlets include,, and, etc. We specialize in B2B lead gen, digital display media and B2B email.

IT Solution Journal, a publication powered by Solution Publishing

What’s the origin story of Solution Publishing?

Solution Publishing started out in 2001 as a print publication, IT Solution Journal. Since then, our company has become a pioneer in B2B content syndication and leading intent data provider. Moreover, we have become one of the highest volume B2B email newsletter publishers in the industry.

Whose problems does Solution Publishing solve? What are these problems?

We solve the problem of making B2B data usable to publishers and marketers. Data companies can sell you data, whereas Solution Publishing handles getting it ready to deploy. We offer safe-to-send email contacts, organic IP to email linkages, vetted LinkedIn datasets and digital display audiences with real intent signals. We keep our partners from wasting media spend or getting their IPs blacklisted by sending to catch-all or honey pot accounts. Put simply, we email the data first, so it’s safe for you to send.

The Challenge 🤔

What was preventing Solution Publishing from growing its data business?

We didn't have a legitimate lead flow of inbound demand for our datasets.

What difficulties were you encountering when it came to monetizing data?

We lacked a standardized way to present and feature our data product ideas.

The Solution 🪄

DCC gave us a framework to not only sell our data but also how to think about new products and services.

Getting into other data marketplaces was also a mystery that DCC solved that increased the visibility of our products and services. Our data products are now available on multiple data exchange platforms, including:

1. Databricks Marketplace:

Solution Publishing were able to publish their entire data product catalog to Databricks Marketplace instantly via DCC

2. Google Cloud Analytics Hub:

DCC enables Solution Publishing to sync data products to Google Cloud Analytics Hub

3. Datarade Marketplace:

Browse Solution Publishings data products and samples on Datarade Marketplace

With DCC, publishing to these different data marketplaces took days, instead of the months usually required for such integrations. To sum up, DCC has given us a predictable flow of qualified, legitimate leads from a healthy array of customer types across channels.

Outcomes 💸

What are business outcomes you wouldn’t have achieved had it not been for working with Data Commerce Cloud? 

We had been considering pivoting to audience data sales as our primary offering, but DCC validated and enabled us to lean into the pivot with less fear.

A Word from Data Commerce Cloud 💬

It's fantastic to see the results that Byron and the Solution Publishing team have achieved just a few months into monetizing data on our platform. Their B2B data offering is best-in-market and it's helping companies get into contact with the right professionals. Working with Solution Publishing is a pleasure and we're looking forward to bringing them more data demand as their business grows.

To find out how DCC can help with your data monetization strategy like we did with Solution Publishing, talk to our partnerships team.