Data Provider

A data provider is an entity that provides internal data assets to external parties. A data provider might be any of the following: a company, university, government, NGO, non-profit, or individual consumer.

Data providers can provide their data free of charge (e.g. as open data) or at a price. In the latter case, these data providers are also known as ‘data vendors’, ‘data sellers’ and ‘data-as-a-service (DaaS) companies’.

The number of active data providers has increased significantly over the past few years as demand for big data also boomed. Many new data provider companies began by monetizing their internal data and selling datasets to clients looking for external intelligence..

A data provider is responsible for storing their data, updating it, ensuring quality and accuracy, creating data products, sharing samples with potential consumers, data pricing, and data delivery. Many data providers use platforms like Datarade Marketplace to generate leads and expand their data business’ reach.

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