9 Best Data Sharing Platforms 2024

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9 Best Data Sharing Platforms 2024

Businesses need to share and collaborate on data across various cloud environments and platforms. Recent headlines underscore this urgency, with high-profile breaches and regulatory crackdowns highlighting the critical importance of secure and efficient data sharing solutions.

Take, for example, the recent data breach at a major healthcare provider, where sensitive patient information was compromised due to inadequate data sharing protocols. In another instance, a multinational corporation faced hefty fines for non-compliance with data protection regulations when sharing customer data with third-party vendors. These cases underscore the imperative for businesses to adopt cross-cloud data sharing platforms that not only facilitate collaboration but also ensure robust security and compliance measures.

Enter the 9 Best Data Sharing Platforms of 2024, each offering solutions tailored to address the challenges of sharing data between companies and across environments:

  1. Bobsled
  2. Amplify
  3. Snowflake Cross-Cloud Snowgrid
  4. Databricks Delta Sharing
  5. Fivetran
  6. Flatfile
  7. Prequel
  8. Vendia
  9. K1x.io

In this article, we’ll look at how each software works, its integrations, its security measures, and USPs. In the end, you’ll know about the main players in the cross-cloud data sharing space. And more importantly, you’ll know the value they’re able to bring to your team in terms of efficiency and security.


Any data, any cloud, any platform. Bobsled was built so you can deliver data into an end consumer's cloud data lakes or warehouses—all while staying within your own environment. A powerful cross-cloud data sharing platform, Bobsled's core value proposition centers around empowering businesses to share data effortlessly, without compromising security or integrity.

At the forefront of Bobsled's offering is its ability to deliver data directly into consumers' cloud data lakes or warehouses, eliminating the need for complex data movement processes. This ensures that businesses can remain in their own environment, for ease of use and security, while still providing valuable insights to their clients or partners with no clunky transformation processes.

Bobsled's features enable users to share data seamlessly, supporting a wide range of file formats for sharing, including CSV, JSON, and Parquet. This flexibility allows businesses to share data in formats that best suit their needs, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration for consumers.

One of Bobsled's key strengths lies in its integration with leading cloud storage platforms, including Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. This means that businesses can seamlessly share data with consumers regardless of their preferred cloud environment, fostering collaboration and interoperability across platforms.

Moreover, Bobsled's track record of success speaks volumes about its reliability and effectiveness. Trusted by industry-leading companies such as LinkUp, Carto, and Facteus, Bobsled has helped businesses across various sectors unlock the full potential of their data sharing initiatives, driving innovation and driving business growth.

Bobsled's intuitive interface and robust features make it easy for businesses to create and manage data shares, enabling seamless collaboration and data exchange with consumers. As a platform, Bobsled simply nails it when it comes to transferring files to a data warehouse destination and sharing data securely with partners. For this reason, it’s a SaaS solution for data sharing that will only become more popular in the coming months and years.


Amplify Data is driven by a singular mission: to empower companies to unlock the full potential of their data through seamless data-sharing solutions. Founded by a team of seasoned data and startup leaders, Amplify is rapidly emerging as a leader in the field, backed by premier VC investors.

At the core of Amplify's offering is its white-labeled solution, designed specifically for SaaS companies seeking to offer data directly in their customers' analytical environments. With Amplify, there's no need for complex ETL processes, APIs, or integrations. Instead, businesses can effortlessly provide their customers with access to valuable data, enhancing their analytical capabilities and driving business growth.

What sets Amplify apart is its unique approach to data sharing, which doubles as a monetization solution. By enabling businesses to monetize data access, Amplify opens up new revenue streams and helps them close more enterprise deals. This innovative approach empowers businesses to capitalize on their data assets, turning them into valuable commodities in the marketplace.

Amplify boasts an impressive roster of customers, including industry leaders like Dewey, who have leveraged the platform to unlock new insights and drive innovation. Moreover, Amplify integrates seamlessly with leading analytical platforms such as Tableau, Databricks, BigQuery, Azure, and AWS, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for businesses and their customers alike.

Simply put, Amplify Data stands at the forefront of the data-sharing revolution. With its white-labeled solution, seamless integrations, and innovative monetization features, Amplify enables businesses to unlock new revenue streams, drive business growth, and work more productively bu reducing data sharing friction.

Snowflake Cross-Cloud Snowgrid

For enterprises with dizzying amounts of data, ranging from Mastercard to Canva, finding a reliable and secure data sharing platform is paramount. Enter Snowflake Cross-Cloud Snowgrid, an integral component of Snowflake's Data Cloud ecosystem, designed to revolutionize how businesses share and collaborate on data across diverse regions and platforms.

Snowflake Cross-Cloud Snowgrid's Secure Data Sharing facilitates seamless collaboration between different Snowflake accounts and across leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This means that regardless of where your data resides or where your collaborators are located, Snowflake ensures effortless and secure data exchange.

The cornerstone of Snowflake's data sharing prowess lies in its robust encryption protocols. Utilizing state-of-the-art encryption methods, Snowflake encrypts data both in transit and at rest, ensuring that sensitive information remains safeguarded against unauthorized access or interception. This level of security is essential for B2B SaaS companies handling sensitive client data and proprietary information.

What sets Snowflake Cross-Cloud Snowgrid apart is its unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Whether you're a startup collaborating with partners across the globe or a multinational corporation orchestrating data exchanges between disparate systems, Snowflake adapts to your needs with ease. Its cloud-agnostic approach means you're not tied to a single cloud provider, offering the freedom to leverage the infrastructure that best suits your business requirements.

Moreover, Snowflake Cross-Cloud Snowgrid doesn't just stop at sharing data—it empowers businesses to derive actionable insights and drive informed decision-making. By breaking down data silos and enabling real-time collaboration, Snowflake accelerates innovation and drives competitive advantage in the dynamic landscape of B2B SaaS.

Snowflake Cross-Cloud Snowgrid is an excellent B2B SaaS solution for secure data sharin. With its robust security measures, seamless interoperability across cloud platforms, and unparalleled scalability, Snowflake removes data sharing barriers so businesses can collaborate, innovate, and develop - without cloud lock-in, with peace of mind.

Databricks Delta Sharing

Databricks Delta Sharing, the cross-cloud data sharing arm of Databricks, offers businesses a transformative solution for seamless data collaboration across platforms and organizations. Built on the principles of interoperability and security, Delta Sharing empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their data assets while avoiding vendor lock-in.

At the core of Delta Sharing is its ability to easily share existing data in Delta Lake and Apache Parquet formats to any data platform. This flexibility ensures that businesses can leverage their data assets without being confined to a single platform, fostering collaboration and innovation across the ecosystem.

One of Delta Sharing's key features is its native integration with Unity Catalog, which provides centralized management and auditing capabilities for shared data assets. This allows organizations to confidently share data with suppliers and partners, ensuring better coordination of business activities while meeting stringent security and compliance requirements.

For B2B use cases, Delta Sharing enables businesses to securely share data with partners and suppliers without requiring them to be on the Databricks platform. This level of interoperability ensures that businesses can collaborate seamlessly with external stakeholders while maintaining control over their data assets.

Delta Sharing is compatible with a wide range of data visualization tools, including Looker, Tableau, Power BI, and Java. This means that businesses can leverage their preferred tools for data analysis and visualization without any compatibility issues, enhancing productivity and driving insights. Moreover, Delta Sharing supports deployment across various premises, including Google Cloud, AWS, and in-house premises. This flexibility ensures that businesses can deploy Delta Sharing in environments that best suit their needs, enabling seamless integration and collaboration across the ecosystem.

Databricks Delta Sharing is exemplary as a cross-cloud data collaboration platform. With its interoperability, security features, and compatibility with leading visualization tools and premises, it is one of the best data sharing platforms on the market.


Founded in 2013 and backed by Y Combinator, Fivetran has since established itself as transformative force in data movement and integration. Fivetran's comprehensive data sharing solution revolutionizes how businesses modernize their infrastructure and streamline operations, setting a new standard for data sharing technology.

At the heart of Fivetran's offering lies its unparalleled data movement capabilities. Fivetran specializes in seamlessly transferring data from various sources to destinations, facilitating effortless integration and synchronization across platforms. Whether it's cloud-based applications, databases, or even files stored on-premises, Fivetran ensures that data flows smoothly and reliably, eliminating the complexities associated with manual data extraction and transformation.

Fivetran's destination-to-destination data movement feature takes this efficiency to the next level, enabling direct data transfer between different destinations without intermediate storage. This means that data can move seamlessly from, say, Salesforce to Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery without unnecessary delays or storage costs, streamlining the entire data pipeline.

What sets Fivetran apart is its extensive network of integrations with leading cloud platforms and data-driven applications. By connecting with platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, NetSuite, and many others, Fivetran enables businesses to consolidate their data from disparate sources into a centralized repository, unlocking valuable insights and driving informed decision-making.

Moreover, Fivetran's track record speaks volumes about its reliability and trustworthiness. Trusted by data-driven companies across industries, including Morgan Stanley, Urban Outfitters, and Lime, Fivetran is proven to be go-to solution for both B2B and B2C organizations.

Fivetran's data sharing solution isn't just about moving data—it's enabling bsuinesses to thrive collectively by sharing their proprietary data. By simplifying data integration and synchronization, Fivetran accelerates infrastructure modernization efforts, enhances operational efficiency, and fuels innovation, positioning businesses for sustained success.


Flatfile is revolutionizing data collaboration with its innovative Data Exchange Platform, providing businesses with a seamless solution to simplify data onboarding and collaboration. Founded on the principles of efficiency and security, Flatfile caters to a wide range of industries, empowering businesses of all sizes to streamline their data processes.

At the core of Flatfile's offering is its Data Exchange Platform, which simplifies the process of importing, exporting, and collaborating on data. With Flatfile, businesses can effortlessly onboard data from various sources, clean and transform it, and collaborate with stakeholders—all within a single, intuitive platform.

One of Flatfile's standout features is its implementation of a "never trust, always verify" model, which ensures secure data sharing and manipulation among multiple users. This zero-trust approach means that data is protected at every stage of the collaboration process, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or manipulation.

Flatfile's Data Exchange Platform is suitable for businesses across industries, from startups to enterprise-level organizations. Whether you're a small business looking to streamline your data processes or a large corporation seeking to enhance collaboration among teams, Flatfile offers a flexible and scalable solution to meet your needs.

Moreover, Flatfile supports zero-trust collaboration by providing robust security features, such as role-based access controls and encryption. This ensures that only authorized users have access to sensitive data, while also providing an audit trail of data interactions for compliance purposes.

With its zero-trust security model, intuitive interface, and robust features, Flatfile empowers businesses to collaborate with confidence, driving productivity across teams and environments.


Prequel is an enterprise-grade data sharing platform. It offers businesses a comprehensive data sharing platform designed to meet the most stringent security and compliance standards while providing seamless integration and deployment options.

Prequel's Push to Data Warehouse feature allows businesses to effortlessly ship data to their data warehouse with zero engineering effort, enabling them to enhance the value of their largest accounts and drive growth. Prequel's data pipeline is fully featured, with everything businesses need to ship the most reliable data pipeline to their customers on day 1.

With Prequel, businesses have the flexibility to host the platform in the environment of their choice, whether it's behind their own VPN or on their own VPC, and can deploy effortlessly using Terraform. Data can be sent via Prequel to any major destination, including Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery, S3, Postgres, and Redshift.

What sets Prequel apart is its commitment to security, boasting SOC-2 Type II compliance and adhering to rigorous standards set by the AICPA to ensure the secure processing and storage of client data. Getting started with Prequel is straightforward; businesses can begin by connecting their upstream database or data warehouse, configure the tables and columns they wish to share with customers, and onboard clients either manually or through an embedded onboarding flow powered by the Prequel API.


Vendia is a comprehensive platform designed to facilitate seamless, real-time, and trusted data sharing across multiple parties and systems, both internally and externally. Powered by patented distributed ledger technology and a network of decentralized databases, Vendia delivers a consistent real-time view of shared data, ensuring harmonized collaboration and insights.

Leveraging real-time operational data, Vendia enables businesses to drive immediate actions based on an always-consistent golden record and out-of-the-box insights, enhancing operational efficiency and agility.

With bi-directional exchange capabilities, Vendia empowers organizations to augment their operational systems by seamlessly integrating data from internal systems or partners, facilitating event-based actions and enriching transactional systems and analytical data warehouses or data lakes.

Vendia maintains an auditable, tamper-proof ledger that meticulously tracks every transaction within the ecosystem, providing a robust audit trail for compliance and verification. This fosters trust among all parties involved, while streamlining regulatory compliance and ensuring instant data consistency and resilience across participants. Vendia's customers include KLM, BMW, and Purina, who trust the platform for secure data sharing.


K1x.io stands out as a leading Corporate Tax Compliance Software Platform that goes beyond mere tax transformation. It serves as a robust data sharing and collaboration solution designed specifically for General Partners (GPs), Limited Partners (LPs), and accounting firms.

The patented platform enables secure digitization and distribution of alternative investment data, revolutionizing how businesses handle tax compliance. With K1x.io, users can streamline and automate workflows related to K-1 and 990 forms, all within a centralized environment.

By facilitating seamless data sharing and collaboration, K1x.io empowers organizations to standardize processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure accuracy in tax compliance efforts.

In Summary

The future of secure data sharing lies with cross-cloud data sharing platforms. Each of the SaaS solutions we’ve looked at is enabling businesses to work more efficiently and securely.

Bobsled, for instance, empowers organizations to streamline data collaboration with partners and suppliers, facilitating seamless exchange of information while safeguarding against data breaches and compliance risks. Amplify takes a unique approach, enabling SaaS companies to monetize data access by offering white-labeled solutions that integrate seamlessly with customer analytical environments.

Meanwhile, Snowflake Cross-Cloud Snowgrid stands out for its ability to securely share data across regions and platforms, providing businesses with the flexibility to collaborate globally without compromising on security or performance. Databricks Delta Sharing offers a compelling solution for organizations seeking to share data insights with partners and customers, leveraging native integrations with tools such as Looker, Tableau, and Power BI.

Fivetran, on the other hand, simplifies data movement and integration, allowing businesses to consolidate data from disparate sources into a centralized repository with minimal effort. Flatfile tackles the challenge of data onboarding and collaboration head-on, offering a user-friendly platform that streamlines the process of importing, exporting, and cleaning data—all while implementing a "never trust, always verify" security model to ensure secure data sharing and manipulation among multiple users.

Prequel is an engineering-free solutions, and so is loved by businesses who need enterprise-grade sharing capabilities fast. Lastly, Vendia's data automation platform removes the complexity of data sharing and collaboration thanks to its built-in APIs, universal adapters, and transformation capabilities.

If you’re looking to monetize the data you’re sharing across platforms, contact Data Commerce Cloud’s team to learn about how to spread your data business across cloud facilities and generate revenue from all of them.

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