Alation Marketplaces

Alation Marketplaces is a meta-marketplace where you can search and browse datasets listed on the data marketplaces offered by AWS, Datarade and Snowflake.

Channel Overview

Alation Marketplaces is a meta-marketplace ran by Alation, the global leaders in data intelligence. The company is trusted by over 450 enterprise clients for its data governance, democratization and collaboration software solutions. Alation Marketplaces was launched in early 2023 to supplement Alation's flagship product, the Alation Data Catalog. Whereas the Data Catalog only offers internal datasets already being used by Alation's customers, Marketplaces lists external datasets sourced from AWS, Snowflake, and


Alation Marketplaces is publicly accessible. It empowers anyone looking for data to find trusted, third-party datasets. Most of Alation Marketplaces' audience is made up of enterprise clients who want to augment their proprietary data with data from outside of their organization.

Key Features

AI-powered dataset requestor

One of the key features Alation Marketplaces offers its users looking for data is its Dataset Request AI model. Users input the columns they need in a dataset (e.g. wind speed, level of precipitation, temperature) as well as their intended use case (e.g. weather forecasting, climate modeling). Alation Marketplaces will then return suggested datasets matching the user's request. This makes the data sourcing process on a large meta-marketplace much faster.

Metadata management

Another key feature of Alation Marketplaces is its robust metadata management capabilities. Metadata, which includes information about the datasets, their lineage, quality, and usage, is crucial for effective data governance and understanding the context of the available data assets. Alation Marketplaces' advanced metadata management ensures that users can trust the data they access, make informed decisions based on its reliability, and adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements.

Integration Details

What data is synced?

When you publish your storefront Alation Marketplaces using your DCC account, the following is synced:

• All activated product listings

• Data samples

• Listing title

• Listing description (long)

• Provider name

• Provider logo

• Link to provider storefront on Datarade Marketplace

DCC access

You must be on a DCC plan to sync to Alation Marketplaces. Compare plans →

For data providers using DCC, publishing to  Alation Marketplaces is in sync with publishing on Datarade Marketplace. This means that if you publish listings to Datarade Marketplace, they’ll automatically also appear on Alation Marketplaces, regardless of your DCC plan.

Supported Data Categories and Providers

Alation Marketplaces is category agnostic and works with general data marketplaces including Datarade, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Big Query, and Snowflake. Therefore it works with any provider with products synced to these platforms. Overall, Alation Marketplaces covers 22 data categories, spanning automotive data to weather data.

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