Google Dataset Search

Dataset Search is a search engine for datasets. Using a simple keyword search, users can discover datasets hosted in thousands of repositories across the Web.

Channel Overview

Google Dataset Search is an open, free-to-use search engine for datasets. It hosts 25 million datasets. Dataset Search's mission is to foster a data sharing ecosystem that will encourage data publishers to follow best practices for data storage and publication. The channel also aims to give scientists a way to show the impact of their work through citation of datasets that they have produced.


Google Dataset Search is used by thousands of students, researchers, data scientists, journalists, and data geeks around the world every day.

Integration Details

What data is synced?

When you publish your storefront Google Dataset Search using your DCC account, the following is synced:

  • All activated product listings
  • Data samples
  • Listing title
  • Listing description (long)
  • Provider name
  • Provider logo
  • Link to provider storefront on Datarade Marketplace

DCC access

Any dataset which uses or similar standards to describe their datasets can appear in Google Dataset Search.

For data providers using DCC, publishing to Alation Marketplaces is in sync with publishing on Datarade Marketplace. This means that if you publish listings to Datarade Marketplace, they’ll automatically also appear on Alation Marketplaces, regardless of your DCC plan.

Data Categories and Providers

Google Dataset Search welcomes researchers and data providers offering any kind of external data as long as the publisher maintains data privacy and security, and the datasets are verified for accuracy.

Any DCC plan
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