AltHub and Data Commerce Cloud™ Partner to Offer End-to-End Data Monetization Solution

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Lucy Kelly

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AltHub and Data Commerce Cloud™ Partner to Offer End-to-End Data Monetization Solution

9th August 2023. Berlin, Germany; New York, USA.

AltHub and Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC), two leading data commerce platforms, have joined forces to make it easier for data providers to grow their businesses by offering an end-to-end monetization solution. Now, providers can create valuable data products using AltHub, then distribute these products across the most popular data marketplaces using DCC. The partnership facilitates each step in the data commerce journey, from data transformation, marketing, GTM, distribution, lead generation, and finally transaction handling. 

AltHub is used by data providers to turn untapped and unstructured data into unique alternative datasets. Specifically, the platform transforms a vendor’s raw data and formats it according to the standard used by hedge funds and investment management companies. The result is a data product that provides valuable, alternative, and anonymized models and insights for investors. Each product starts as a POC, then is given sales support, finally is sold on a trial basis with interactive sales demos, whilst ongoing marketing research is conducted. AltHub’s data product creation technology enables companies to extract the maximum value from their raw data assets by opening up traditionally hard-to-reach banks and hedge funds. The platform is generating new revenue for data companies large and small and has obtained the reputation as the platform with the ‘lowest data transformation to insight’ cost in the industry.

“We are excited to partner with Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud™ solution. Our partnership results in a clever way to shorten the data monetization lifecycle, from new data product creation via AltHub to discovery and selling via DCC. Together, we're fueling the future of data-driven decisions and turning untapped potential into actionable, profitable data and insights.”
Scott Hall, CEO at AltHub

As a mission, AltHub strives to unlock potential, drive growth, and foster data-driven investments. Businesses from travel companies to cosmetics brands are utilizing the platform to monetize their data, which in turn helps the financial world drive investment strategies. AltHub’s long-term vision is to revolutionize data usage globally, empowering companies across all industries to unlock new revenue streams, enabling investors to make more intelligent decisions.

Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC) is a SaaS product designed by Datarade to help companies sell more data. DCC is the easiest way for data providers to build an omni-channel data business. Unlike other data monetization platforms, DCC does not host providers’ data, enabling customers to retain control over their data assets and avoid painful integrations. With one DCC account, providers can publish data products in their chosen data marketplaces and channels with a click. Current channels include Google Cloud Analytics Hub, Alation Marketplaces, SAP Datasphere Marketplace, and Datarade’s owned and operated data marketplace which attracts over 100k visitors per month.

“Our strategic partnership with AltHub is a great move for DCC, and an important development in data monetization technology. AltHub’s platform enables data providers to create powerful data models and charts easily, and DCC gives providers the reach to publish these data products in the most used data marketplaces. I’m looking forward to seeing how our collaboration will allow more of DCC’s provider customers to reach key buyers at top financial institutions.”
Richard Hoffmann, Managing Director, Datarade

Data providers already monetizing data assets and meeting demand for unique financial intelligence via AltHub and DCC include firms such as ClearScore and Onclusive. To discover how to start unlocking the value of your internal data, to get listed on top data monetization channels, and to sell to global hedge funds, contact the DCC partnerships team.

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