Unacast and Datarade Partner to Bring Privacy-Assured Location Insights to Data-driven Clients Globally

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Lucy Kelly

Marketing Manager

Unacast and Datarade Partner to Bring Privacy-Assured Location Insights to Data-driven Clients Globally

6th June 2024. Ashburn, VA / Berlin, Germany

Unacast, the global location intelligence and insights company, and Datarade, operator of the multi-channel data monetization platform Data Commerce Cloud (DCC), today announced a partnership that will ensure companies globally can access the location data needed to train AI models and optimize their operations. 

Unacast is a global location data and analytics company that provides the most accurate understanding of human activity in the physical world. The company merged with location data provider Gravy Analytics in December 2023 to expand its data product line. After the merge, Unacast now offers a powerhouse of location intelligence solutions, powered by 1 billion monthly devices, covering every stage of the data analytics journey. As the industry’s most robust global solution, the core of Gravy Analytics and Unacast’s joint offerings is comprehensive location data that provides clients with reliable, high-quality, and privacy- and policy-friendly insights. Gravy Analytics by Unacast data products available on Datarade Marketplace include Device-Level Location Data, Aggregated Foot Traffic Datasets, Trade Area Analytics, Consumer Data Enrichment, and Location-Based Advertising Audiences.

Unacast clients get best-in-class location data, analytics, and insights to make better strategic decisions on a global or local scale. These clients use location data and insights for advertising and marketing, building software and AI models, consumer data enrichment, store operations and market research, competitive intelligence, revenue forecasting, supply chain management, site selection, and investment decisions.

We’re thrilled to partner with Datarade to share our location data offerings on an even broader scale. With our merger with Gravy Analytics, Unacast now provides the most comprehensive suite of location intelligence solutions for every stage of the analytics journey. We’re excited to supply Datarade with responsible and privacy-friendly location data products for use cases in advertising, predictive analytics, consumer profiling, investment decisions, retail operations, and more.
Jonathan Schuster, CPO and GM, Commercial, Unacast

Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud then enables companies to publish their data products on the largest data marketplace with just a click due to its no-code channel integrations. DCC’s current integrations include data heavyweights like Databricks Marketplace, Google Cloud Analytics Hub, SAP Datasphere, and its proprietary Datarade Marketplace. Since 2022, DCC has enabled over 100 data providers to publish 2,000 products across data marketplaces to generate inbound demand. Inbound leads from every channel land centrally in the provider’s DCC portal, where companies can also see lead insights, product analytics, and optimization recommendations to maximize success. 

It’s Datarade’s mission to build software that ensures data is exchanged in order to solve our biggest challenges in business, science and society. Unacast’s data offering is doing exactly that for clients from Esri to Harvard University. We’re glad to have them onboard on our Data Commerce Cloud platform so they can continue meeting demand for global, privacy-led location data. 
Richard Hoffmann, Co-founder, Datarade

To learn more about Unacast’s data offerings, contact them securely via Datarade Marketplace, and to learn more about monetizing data on DCC, contact the partnerships team

About Unacast

Unacast is a global location intelligence and insights company transforming our understanding of human activity in the physical world. Using state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence, Unacast extracts valuable information from location data, delivering trustworthy, reliable, and privacy-friendly location intelligence. Companies across industries, at every stage of growth, rely on Unacast’s actionable human mobility insights to make more informed decisions that better align with the world around them. Learn more at Unacast.com.


Marina Harmon

VP of Marketing



About Datarade

Founded in 2018, Datarade operates Data Commerce Cloud (DCC), a multi-channel data monetization platform designed to help data providers scale their data businesses. Using DCC, companies can publish their data products in the largest data marketplaces with a click, massively reducing the time and engineering resources usually required to integrate with these platforms. Current DCC integrations include Databricks Marketplace, Google Cloud Analytics Hub, SAP Datasphere, and its proprietary Datarade Marketplace, with more integrations to come. 


Lucy Kelly

Marketing Manager


datarade.ai / datacommercecloud.com

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