Veraset and Datarade Partner to Increase Availability of Pseudonymized Mobility Data

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Lucy Kelly

Marketing Manager

Veraset and Datarade Partner to Increase Availability of Pseudonymized Mobility Data

28th May 2024. Alexandria, VA / Berlin, Germany

Veraset, a global leader in providing compliant location data, and Datarade, operator of the multi-channel data monetization platform Data Commerce Cloud (DCC), today announced a partnership that will mean more data-driven companies have privacy-assured EU and rest-of-world mobility insights at their disposal. 

Veraset is a foot traffic, mobility, and location data provider setting the standard for consumer privacy and regulatory compliance. The company sources its data directly from apps, SDKs, and aggregators across the globe. Before the data is packaged into data products, it undergoes significant cleansing, including deduplication, anomaly removal, and sensitive location filtering prior to delivery. In total, Veraset’s data offering spans 3 billion daily pings in the US, over 100 million DAU in the US, and 5 billion daily pings globally. Historically, their datasets include information from 2018 onwards. Veraset data products available on Datarade Marketplace include Movement (GPS Foot Traffic Data), Visits Data & Insights, and Historical Geospatial Movement Data. Typically, Veraset’s data is used for gathering location intelligence, advertising, case research, building behavior-based audiences, and marketing optimization. 

Working with Datarade and using their DCC platform opens up valuable connections to both buyers and suppliers of location data. For Veraset, reaching the right audience with our latest offerings is crucial. This not only facilitates that opportunity but also helps us enhance our data panels, a truly virtuous cycle and powerful partnership. 
Pete Mickartz, Director of Business Development and Partnerships, Veraset

Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud enables data providers like Veraset to publish their data products on the largest data marketplace with just a click due to its no-code channel integrations. DCC’s current integrations include data heavyweights like Databricks Marketplace, Google Cloud Analytics Hub, SAP Datasphere, and its proprietary Datarade Marketplace. Since 2022, DCC has enabled over 100 data providers to publish 2,000 products across data marketplaces to generate inbound demand. Inbound leads from every channel land centrally in the provider’s DCC portal, where companies can also see lead insights, product analytics, and optimization recommendations to maximize success. 

We’re actively partnering with trusted data providers like Veraset that are using our data monetization platform to meet global demand. Veraset’s privacy-first approach is essential in the location data space, which is why they are trusted by hundreds of companies to provide mobility data that fuels their products, businesses, and AI. With this partnership, we will bring Veraset’s offering to an even wider customer cohort.
Richard Hoffmann, Co-founder, Datarade

To learn more about Veraset’s data offerings, contact them securely via Datarade Marketplace, and to learn more about monetizing data on DCC, contact the partnerships team

About Veraset

Founded in 2017, Veraset provides high-quality, pseudonymized location data sourced from apps, SDKs, and aggregators to Fortune 500 companies, top universities, and premiere institutions. Using their raw, pre-processed panels, organizations can power better decision-making, innovative research, and data-intensive platforms while upholding the highest standards for compliance and consumer privacy. 


Adam Fachler

Director of Marketing 

About Datarade

Founded in 2018, Datarade operates Data Commerce Cloud (DCC), a multi-channel data monetization platform designed to help data providers scale their data businesses. Using DCC, companies can publish their data products in the largest data marketplaces with a click, massively reducing the time and engineering resources usually required to integrate with these platforms. Current DCC integrations include Databricks Marketplace, Google Cloud Analytics Hub, SAP Datasphere, and its proprietary Datarade Marketplace, with more integrations to come. 


Lucy Kelly

Marketing Manager /

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