Platform Announcement: Data Commerce Cloud™ Integrates With Databricks Marketplace

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Lucy Kelly

Marketing Manager

Platform Announcement: Data Commerce Cloud™ Integrates With Databricks Marketplace

Tuesday 7th November. Berlin, Germany 

Last week, the integration between Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC) and Databricks Marketplace was successfully launched. Now, data providers using DCC will be able to list products on Databricks Marketplace with a click, be published there within minutes, and start receiving net-new data demand and revenue. 

What’s the background to the integration?

Both DCC and Databricks Marketplace are noteworthy platforms in the data sharing ecosystem. They both enable commercial data providers to list data products and generate leads then revenue from customers looking for external data. 

As a data monetization solution, DCC’s value proposition is to enable data providers to publish products across multiple sales channels with one account and centralized data catalog. 

Databricks Marketplace is one such sales channel. As one of the most-used open data marketplaces, integrating with Databricks Marketplaces was a priority for DCC and our data provider customers. It’s been in the works for several months and is now live. 

What are the benefits of the integration for data consumers and providers?

For data providers, the integration makes it possible to publish data products on Databricks Marketplace faster than ever. If you’re already a registered data provider on DCC, you can activate Databricks with a click and your data products will be published there within minutes. If you’re not already using DCC, you can join, set up your storefront, and create listings within hours, then sync to Databricks instantly. 

Some of the world’s largest brands across industries including healthcare, retail, communications, energy, financial services, and technology & software are using Databricks Marketplace to access external data. This gives data providers a huge total addressable market of in-market data buyers, spanning various categories, geographies and use cases. With this in mind, Databricks Marketplace is a channel where data providers can increase their data business’ visibility, pipeline, and revenue. 

For data consumers, Databricks Marketplace’s integration with DCC means there’s increased data supply to choose from. With data providers offering trade, geospatial, mobility, AI training, people, and company data, data consumers have more choice thanks to DCC’s sync with Databricks Marketplace. They’re now able to compare datasets and samples from DCC’s global provider network to select the best source for their project without leaving Databricks Marketplace.

How does the integration work?

The integration works using Databricks’ public API, which is now integrated with DCC. This enables DCC users to:

1. Activate this new sales channel by ‘Publishing’ from their DCC portal.

2. Have their product catalog (in its entirety or selected products only) published in Databricks Marketplace within minutes.

3. Receive inbound leads from customers on Databricks Marketplace requesting access to the dataset.

Databricks Marketplace is powered by Delta Sharing. Delta Sharing was the first open source approach to sharing data, analytics and AI. It enables providers and customers to share live data across platforms, clouds and regions with strong security and governance. Data providers using DCC can choose to use Delta Sharing to fulfil orders. Likewise, data consumers can receive data they request on Databricks Marketplace via Delta Sharing.

How will data providers using DCC receive leads? 

Currently, data providers using DCC will be notified of leads from Databricks Marketplace via email. However, in the next few weeks, V2 of the integration will be deployed which will ensure leads from all DCC’s integrated channels, including Databricks Marketplace, will land in the provider’s DCC inbox. 

We’re excited to see the value this integration between DCC and Databricks Marketplace will bring to data providers, consumers, and the wider data sharing ecosystem. To learn more about Databricks Marketplace, visit our channel overview page. To learn more about how to grow your omni-channel data business with DCC, contact our partnerships team

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