DCC + AltHub Customer Success Case Study: How People & Company Data Provider, Structure, is Reaching Net-new Data Buyers at Hedge Funds

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Lucy Kelly

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DCC + AltHub Customer Success Case Study: How People & Company Data Provider, Structure, is Reaching Net-new Data Buyers at Hedge Funds

Berlin, Germany / New York, USA - 6th December 2023

The referral partnership between two leading data monetization platforms, Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC) and AltHub, has resulted in client success for Structure, provider of rich data about people and their companies. DCC connected AltHub with Structure, and as a result, Structure has been able to tailor its data offering to the hedge fund and investment management audience to reach net-new, high-budget customers.

Background: About Structure

Structure collects and catalogs the attributes and characteristics that enable the world's largest companies to make informed decisions about their current customers, prospects and the market. Their people and company data enrichment empowers companies in Advertising & Marketing, Sales, HR and Finances to make data-driven decisions. Their catalog covers 700M people and is strictly compliant with EU and US data privacy regulations. Structure launched its commercially-available APIs in April 2023.

Challenge: Creating maximum business visibility as a new data provider company

As one of the most densely-populated categories of external data, the B2B data provider landscape is competitive. Structure needed to ensure its data enrichment solutions reached in-market buyers and that they stood out from other job and people data vendors. As a newly-launched API provider, the challenge for Structure was creating visibility in as many industries and on as many data marketplaces as possible, without demanding too much overhead on the part of Structure’s marketing and sales teams.

Solution: Leveraging data monetization channels designed to increase providers’ reach across and into markets

DCC allows Structure to appear in the biggest data marketplaces

Firstly, Structure joined Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC), the one platform which enables data providers to publish on marketplaces including Databricks, Google Cloud Analytics Hub, SAP Datasphere, and Datarade Marketplace in a click. DCC generated 150+ leads and $49k+ in revenue for Structure within 6 months on the platform. These buyers came from industries including recruitment, retail, and construction. 

Datarade’s DCC allowed Structure to expand its offerings and discover unknown markets for data products. It enabled us to work with a larger number of customers and clients and deliver a wide variety of new data products to global markets.
Tyler Horan, CEO, Structure

AltHub enables Structure to create data products aimed at professional investors 

Secondly, Structure was introduced to AltHub’s partnerships team by DCC’s, thanks to the collaboration between the two data monetization platforms. 

AltHub is a data analytics platform that works with data providers to create  alternative data products suitable for financial use cases. AltHub’s team advised Structure on how to reach professional investors (inc. hedge funds and investment managers) by providing relevant data insights and vigorous portfolio modeling. The use-cases being tested are numerous, since people data can inform so many decisions and scenarios. For example, if Structure’s company data detected a sudden exodus of developers from a company, AltHub could test through its backtesting engine whether this signals a failed product initiative, potentially forecasting drop in the company’s revenue, or negative sentiment which could affect its stock price. 

AltHub provided Structure with a whole new set of customers and a new market for our data products that we previously have not even considered. Their thoroughness in modeling and high-capabilities in data forecasting and delivery make them an ideal partner for us. They have the expertise in a domain space that we simply could not approach without significant investment in product beyond our current reach. We’re happy to have found AltHub and look forward to working with them as they continue to refine and market our data products to the Financial Sector. 
Tyler Horan, CEO, Structure

If your company also sells or is looking to sell data, contact the partnerships team at DCC and at AltHub to learn how you can achieve the same success as Structure.

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