Echo Analytics joins Data Commerce Cloud™ to bring accurate geospatial insights to data-driven companies globally

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Echo Analytics joins Data Commerce Cloud™ to bring accurate geospatial insights to data-driven companies globally

Paris, France / Berlin, Germany. 15th January 2023 - Echo Analytics, provider of highest-quality geospatial data, has become a Premium Partner of Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC), the platform which makes data commerce easy. Echo’s data products are now available to buy on Datarade Marketplace and other DCC sales channels.

Echo Analytics’ geospatial data offering spans POI data, building footprint data, and mobility data. The company covers 58 million points-of-interest (POIs) worldwide, totalling 7,490 brands and 266 location categories. Echo’s mobility data has 2 years of historical lookback. They gather POI data from a mixture of public and private sources to create the most extensive POI datasets in the EU-5, turning them into valuable geospatial insights. The data collected is thoroughly cleaned and structured to guarantee up to 95% accuracy per POI. Utilizing satellite imagery and machine learning, Echo draws building footprints around specific locations to precisely define their boundaries and compile its polygon database. Popular Echo products listed on Datarade Marketplace include Echo Analytics | Points of Interest (POI) | 58M+ Locations worldwide, Echo Analytics | POI & Building Footprint data | 27.5M+ Locations | USA, France, UK, Germany, Spain & Italy, and Echo Analytics | Mobility data & insights | 58M+ Locations worldwide.

Partnering with Datarade was a natural fit for Echo Analytics. As a leading provider of geospatial datasets in Europe, we were motivated by the opportunity to connect with companies across the globe through Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud™. The experience of working with Datarade has been incredibly positive, as we've been able to expand our reach and provide our clients with even more valuable data solutions. This partnership opened up several opportunities to connect with big accounts and provided easy contact with the right people. The collaboration between Echo and DCC is not only bridging the gap between data and insights, but also providing businesses with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve in today's data-driven world.
Adam Ejsmont, Co-founder & COO, Echo Analytics

Geospatial data plays an integral role in any business across every industry.  Echo Analytics has worked with companies spanning retail, marketing & AdTech, real estate & PropTech, and FMCG. These companies used Echo’s data for specific data projects, including retail site selection, competitor store visit attribution, omni-channel marketing, geofencing, programmatic advertising, property investment, geodemographic analysis of a neighborhood, and identifying high-demand locations for FMCG products.

We’re glad to have Echo Analytics as a DCC Premium Partner. They’re a lead in the location data space; Datarade is seeing consistent global demand for accurate POI data, which Echo provides. Echo’s geospatial data products are already being put to work by businesses from all industries and are supporting a range of commercial use cases. By joining DCC, Echo will tap into new data demand and increase its global sales reach. It’s a pleasure to have Echo Analytics a Premium Partner and we know their data will empower location-driven use cases worldwide.
Richard Hoffmann, Co-founder & CCO, Datarade

Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC) is powered by Datarade and is a B2B SaaS platform designed to make data commerce easy. Unlike other data exchange sites, DCC allows DaaS (data-as-a-service) companies to list products effortlessly. No data integration or upload is needed. To develop DCC, Datarade is applying concepts from ecommerce to the data industry so that vendors can build an omni-channel data shopping experience for their customers. DaaS companies only need to set up their storefront once to then appear across multiple channels in just one click. Current sales channels supported by DCC include SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and Datarade Marketplace, with more in development. Instead of negotiating and integrating with each channel individually, data providers receive all leads and orders in one central inbox. Becoming a Data Commerce Cloud™ Premium Partner like Echo Analytics ensures constant data leads and global sales reach without the complexity and overhead.

About Echo Analytics

Echo Analytics was founded in 2021 by three data enthusiasts aiming to revolutionize the location intelligence industry. Ever since, they have constantly challenged and broken through barriers to ensure that any company – regardless of its industry – can achieve their goals by harnessing the power of data. Echo Analytics enables organizations to innovate faster by helping them easily understand the physical world in which they operate. Headquartered in France, Echo Analytics has expanded into the US, Canada and 15 countries across Europe, including the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain, and recently also into Australia, APAC & LATAM regions.


Name: Sofia Agreda, Demand Generation Specialist


Phone:  +33 7 69 45 65 83

Address: Paris, France


About Datarade

Datarade is powering global data commerce. The company operates Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC) and Datarade Marketplace. DCC is a B2B SaaS platform launched in October 2022 in response to the ever-growing number of data exchange platforms. DCC harmonizes these platforms and enables data sellers to manage an omni-channel presence with one account. With DCC, data providers can scale their DaaS business across the globe with ease. Datarade Marketplace is the world’s largest and most easy-to-use data marketplace. Founded in 2018, it has helped thousands of businesses find the right data from 2,000+ providers across 600+ data categories.


Name: Lucy Kelly


Address: Brunnenstr. 196, 10119 Berlin, Germany


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