Data Commerce Cloud™ integrates with Google Cloud Analytics Hub to grow external data sharing capabilities

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Lucy Kelly

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Data Commerce Cloud™ integrates with Google Cloud Analytics Hub to grow external data sharing capabilities

25th July 2023. Berlin, Germany; San Francisco, CA 

Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC) has successfully integrated with BigQueryAnalytics Hub. Now, data providers can use DCC to make their data products available on Analytics Hub instantly. The integration allows providers to reach net-new clients looking for external datasets. All Google Cloud and BigQuery customers will now be able to access over 600 data products supplied by DCC’s global provider network.

Analytics Hub is a data sharing and exchange platform built on BigQuery that enables users to efficiently and securely share data assets across organizations, with customers from retail, financial services, media, entertainment, healthcare, and government organizations. Subscribers using Analytics Hub are able to access a curated library of internal and external data assets, now including external datasets from DCC’s providers.

Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC) is a SaaS product designed by Datarade to help companies sell more data. DCC is the easiest way for data providers to build an omni-channel data business. Unlike other data monetization platforms, DCC does not host providers’ data, enabling customers to retain control over their data assets and avoid painful integrations. With one DCC account, providers can publish data products in their chosen data marketplaces and channels with a click. Current channels include Alation Marketplaces, SAP Datasphere Marketplace, and now Google Cloud Analytics Hub.

Having Google Cloud Analytics Hub as an integrated channel is a milestone for DCC. Already, we’re seeing how it enables our data providers to scale their data businesses without the hassle of another standalone data integration. It’s an exciting time for data commerce and every data provider working with DCC. We’re grateful to be working closely with the Google Cloud team, and looking forward to bringing more value to Analytics Hub users in need of quality external data.
Richard Hoffmann, Managing Director, Datarade

Analytics Hub is continually adding datasets from providers that offer external data that is valuable for analysis provided the publisher upholds data privacy and security. Looking at usage over a one week period in September 2022, more than 6,000 organizations shared over 275 petabytes of data in BigQuery, not accounting for intra-organizational sharing. BigQuery streamlines publishing, discovering, and subscribing to data exchanges without the need to move data. As a Google Cloud Analytics Hub publisher, you can monetize data by sharing it with external users or within your own organization in real-time. You can build a catalog of analytics-ready data products with granular permissions that let you deliver data to the right audiences. You can also manage subscriptions to your product listings, and share data as listings without replicating it.  

The easiest and fastest way to sync your data products to Google Cloud Analytics Hub is by joining Data Commerce Cloud™. With one DCC account, providers are able to publish their storefront, listings and samples across channels like Analytics Hub to maximize their brand’s visibility. DCC is a new kind of data exchange and monetization platform designed by Datarade to make data commerce easy. To find out more, contact the DCC partnerships team

Datarade PR Contact

Lucy Kelly, Marketing Manager 

Brunnenstr. 196, Berlin, Germany, 10119

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