ImportGenius joins Data Commerce Cloud™ to bring global trade data to data-driven companies

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ImportGenius joins Data Commerce Cloud™ to bring global trade data to data-driven companies

Scottsdale, Arizona / Berlin, Germany, 13th September 2023

ImportGenius, provider of industry-leading global trade data, has joined Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC), the platform which makes data commerce easy. ImportGenius’ data products are now available to buy on Datarade Marketplace and other DCC sales channels.

ImportGenius offers global trade data and market solutions that empower companies with international operations or global aspirations. By monitoring global imports and exports using ImportGenius’s comprehensive database and advanced analytics tools, businesses can use generate international leads, perform competitive intelligence, identify and forecast market trends, and protect their intellectual property from being sold through illegitimate channels. Government, non-profit and news organizations can also use global data to protect public and national interests. ImportGenius provides a monthly subscription, API services, and bespoke data packages. With ImportGenius, you're able to organize and visualize data effortlessly to extract actionable insights. Identify key suppliers and buyers worldwide, monitor international activities of your partners or competitors, and make data-driven decisions on a global scale with ImportGenius.

Global trade data is extremely versatile and offers a solution to a range of business challenges. Some of the world's biggest brands (inc. Deloitte, DHL, Goldman Sachs) are applying trade data to use cases like lead generation, competitor analysis, mapping marketing trends, forecasting, security, and intellectual property protection. Users can leverage ImportGenius’ extensive database to identify key suppliers and buyers, assess market demand, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their supply chain and sourcing strategies. Aside from raw data, ImportGenius can provide advanced analytics capabilities to help businesses extract valuable insights from the data and transform them into actionable intelligence.

We’re glad to have ImportGenius as a DCC Premium Partner. They’re a leader when it comes to supplying reliable global trade data, a data category for which we’re seeing huge demand. ImportGenius’ data products are already being put to work by businesses from all industries and are supporting a range of commercial use cases. By partnering with DCC, ImportGenius will tap into new data demand and increase its global sales reach across channels. It’s a pleasure to have ImportGenius as a partner and we know their data will empower companies worldwide.
Richard Hoffmann, Managing Director, Datarade

Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC) is a SaaS product designed by Datarade to help companies sell more data. The easiest and fastest way to sync data products to the most-used data marketplaces is via DCC, the one data platform to rule them all. With one DCC account, providers are able to publish their storefront, listings and samples in a click across channels like Google Cloud Analytics Hub, Alation Marketplaces, Datarade Marketplace and Databricks Marketplace to maximize their brand’s visibility and build an omni-channel data business. Unlike other data monetization platforms, DCC does not host providers’ data, enabling customers to retain control over their data assets and avoid painful integrations. Becoming a Data Commerce Cloud™ Premium Partner like ImportGenius ensures constant data leads and global sales reach without the complexity and overhead. To find out more, contact the DCC partnerships team

ImportGenius PR Contact

Name: William George


Address: 8901 E Pima Center Pkwy, Suite 105 Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Web: ‍

Datarade PR Contact

Name: Lucy Kelly


Address: Brunnenstr. 196, 10119 Berlin, Germany


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